LIG Assets, Inc. is Dallas based Company focused on residential and commercial real estate. The Company concentrates primarily on income-producing properties, whose cash flow and operating leverage contribute to the overall value of the entire LIG Assets enterprise. The company currently maintains a portfolio of approximately 300 cash flow generating single family homes throughout the state of Texas.

LIG Assets has recently activated new asset based lending agreements to finance a new round of purchases of single family homes in Texas. These single family homes are purchased at a market discount and remodeled or upgraded before being sold or leased at a profit or positive cash flow. The Company plans to greatly increase buying activity over the near-tem, and also offers accredited investors the opportunity to partner on these transactions.

In addition to offering partnering opportunities, the Company is now also offering Hard Money Loans for up to 70% of the after repaired value (ARV) on single family homes. The Hard Money Loan includes both the funds for the rehab and purchase of the property. These loans enable investors to purchase the property quickly and completely leverage their investment in order to obtain a maximum return on their investment.

Today, LIG Assets, Inc. is poised to generate significant cash flow and net income from current and future properties and transactions, thus substantially increasing shareholder value from current levels.